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We make it easier than ever to manage your money, with millions of ATMs in the U.S. and around the world in our collective network, including many surcharge-free ATMs. 

Getting cash, making deposits, and checking your balance just got easier. With our network of ATMs around the globe, we give you the access to manage your money easily. You’ll get an added benefit, too: Free ATMs (that is, ATMs with no surcharge).

With the CO-OP network®, we offer our members:

  • Nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs
  • Rebates on surcharge fees from non-network ATMs:
    • For members with direct deposit, we rebate up to $20 per month in surcharge fees.
    • Without direct deposit, we rebate up to $8 per month.


Surcharge-Free ATM Logos to Look For

ATMs that are surcharge-free to our members have one of the following logos:

Additionally, ATMs found at the following locations are also surcharge-free to our members:


PSECU Locations

Our digital first model gives you 24/7 account access through online and mobile banking. Instead of investing in a branch on every corner, we invest in our members. However, we do have three physical locations that members can visit for various levels of account assistance, if needed.

Tellers can assist members in performing transactions at these two locations:

Members can ask staff about our products and services and how to use them at the following location: 


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