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Eligibility is easier than you think. Below are the four paths to PSECU membership. Chances are, you’re eligible to join. And once you do, you can remain a member for life regardless of where you live, study, or work. Take PSECU with you wherever you go.

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Family or Household Resident

You reside with a PSECU member or your relative is a PSECU member. Qualifying relatives include: adoptive relationships, child or stepchild, grandchild, grandparent, parent or stepparent, sibling or stepsibling, and spouse.


You attend, currently work at, or graduated from one of the many Pennsylvania colleges or universities with which we have a relationship.


You are a Pennsylvania state or local government employee, a municipality or school district employee, or an employee of a company that offers membership as a benefit. More than 1,000 employers across Pennsylvania offer PSECU membership.

Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society Membership

If you don’t meet one of the above criteria, you can join the Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society (PRPS) through PSECU to become eligible for PSECU membership. PRPS Friend membership is a one-time fee of $20, but PSECU will cover $10 when you open your account online. We will also take care of your PRPS membership registration as part of your PSECU membership application. You do not need to renew your PRPS membership to maintain your PSECU membership.

Open an Account

Open a business account with PSECU

Running a business requires time and money. PSECU membership saves you both.

Business account members enjoy perks like free checking, Small Business Administration (SBA) loans*, and low rates on equipment financing. We help you focus on what matters: running and growing your business.

To join PSECU as a business, all business owners must be existing PSECU members, and your business must be located in Pennsylvania. See PSECU Business Products and Services for all the benefits available to you.

Get started 

As a credit union, PSECU is member-owned and focused solely on what’s best for you. Unlike a traditional bank, PSECU is not-for-profit, which means we’re able to return earnings to members in the form of free services and low loan rates.

The credit union philosophy is one of “people helping people.” We help members live a better life, but we also work to help the communities we serve, through donating our time, money, and resources. Learn more about what PSECU believes in.

PSECU is a digital-first credit union. That means that members can conduct all their business either online or via our mobile app. We make it easy to deposit and transfer money, apply for loans, and open IRAs and other accounts. This digital model saves us money… savings that we pass on to our members!

We do have limited on-site locations where members can learn more about PSECU products and services. Our Harrisburg locations have tellers on-site to assist members with performing transactions. Visit PSECU Locations for a complete list of ATMs, on-site locations, and hours of operation.

PSECU membership stays with you no matter where life takes you. Once you are a member of PSECU, you can keep your membership for life regardless of residence, graduating or leaving schools, or switching employers.
*Small Business Administration loans offered through Newtek Business Services, Inc. Newtek Business Services, Inc. is not an affiliate company of PSECU.