Choose your share type


  • You can open up to 10 total savings shares on an existing account.
  • Our share options include: Christmas/Holiday, Vacation, Money Market, S5, Regular (S1) and Youth.


  • You are limited to one Checking share per account.
  • Add a Checking share to your existing account to make payments and receive deposits.
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Add an additonal account


Every member gets an account when they join. Under that account they can add different products and services. The first share that is added automatically to a member account is a Regular Share. We require a minimum $5 balance in that share to maintain your membership status at PSECU. Up to 10 saving shares can be added to your account for your different savings goals. You may also add 1 checking share and any loans to your account that meet your financial needs.

Any additional shares beyond the account limit can be set up by adding a new account. Each new account has the same requirements as your first account.
All members are required to keep a minimum balance of $5.