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PSECU members can save almost $1,0001 per year by banking with us. Because we believe that your money should stay where it belongs – with you.

Money Back Banking means offering everyday value with benefits like free checking, surcharge-free ATMs plus rebates, cash rewards, low-rate refinance options, and much, much more.

1You could save almost $1,000 a year when you use all our products and services. Estimated savings are based on comparison of similar offerings from other financial institutions. Estimated savings are updated annually.


Use our online locator to find ATMs you can use for free as a PSECU member. If you use an out-of-network ATM and get charged, we'll rebate fees up to $20 per month if you have direct deposit, and up to $8 per month if you don’t.

Save up to $240 per year2

Learn more about using ATMs.

2If you use out-of-network ATMs and incur surcharges, we will rebate up to $20 per month if you have direct deposit, for a maximum of $240 per year.


With our cash rewards credit card, you can earn 1.5% cash back on every purchase, or earn 2% with a checking account and one or more qualifying monthly direct deposits totaling at least $500.3

Estimated cash rewards based on $1,000 monthly purchases at 2% cash reward rate: $240 per year

Learn more about the Founder’s Card.

3You can earn 1.5% cash rewards on purchases. With checking and a qualifying direct deposit, you can earn 2%. See the PSECU Visa® Founder's Card Rewards program terms and conditions for full details.


With our low-rate loans, we saved our members more than $30 million dollars since 2015 when they refinanced their vehicle and credit card loans with us.

Average member savings: $350 per year4

Learn more about all our loan options.

4Average member savings was calculated using 2017 total savings from refinanced auto and Visa loans, divided by the number of members who refinanced. Actual interest savings for 12 months based on PSECU's term and rate compared to competitor's average rate. Visa® Classic Card Balance Transfer interest savings for 12 months based on 2.9% promotional checks/online banking Visa Classic Card Balance Transfers compared to average competitor's rate based on 18-month payoff. Average member savings are updated annually.


Checking is free at PSECU, with no minimum balance, no monthly maintenance fees, and free basic-style checks.

Save nearly $140 per year5

Learn about our checking accounts.

5Using our Free Checking with low or no fees. Our free checking account and checking account fees were compared to competitors' averages from S&P Global Market Intelligence as of 12/26/17.


Our Savings account requires only $5, earns dividends on all balances, and allows deposits and withdrawals whenever you like, as often as you like.

Save up to $58 per year6

Learn about our savings accounts.

6Save up to $58 by using our savings with low- or no-fees and competitive rate. Our savings account rate and savings account fees were compared to competitors' averages from S&P Global Market Intelligence as of 12/26/17.

Get your child started on the path to Money Back Banking

For accounts opened for or owned by those under age 18, we have a special higher-yield savings rate. As little as $5 can earn 1.50% annual percentage yield (APY), up to $500.

Learn more about PSECU Youth accounts.


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