Questions About PSECU

Frequently Asked Questions About Banking with PSECU

Have a question? We’ve gathered some of the most common questions people have about banking with PSECU and answered them all in one place.

There are many ways to be eligible for PSECU membership. The main paths to membership are through family members, where you work, or where you go to college. We also offer membership to people who join Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society (PRPS). Learn more about who can become a member of PSECU.
As a credit union, we are member-owned and focused solely on what’s best for you. Unlike a traditional bank, we’re not-for-profit, which means we’re able to return earnings to members in the form of free services and low loan rates.  

The credit union philosophy is one of “people helping people.” We help members live a better life, but we also work to help the communities we serve, through donating our time, money, and resources. Learn more about what PSECU believes in.

We offer a long list of member benefits. Here is a quick snapshot of the benefits our members tell us they appreciate most:

  • Free checking accounts (no monthly maintenance fees to hassle with)
  • Surcharge-free ATMs, plus we’ll rebate money you spend paying fees for using non-network ATMs (up to $20 per month if you have direct deposit and up to $8 per month if you don’t)
  • Low rates on car loans
  • Digital banking made easy, with easy and convenient tools that enable you to bank from almost anywhere
  • Personalized customer service – it’s easy and convenient to contact us
  • Discounts on financial and other products, including TurboTax®

Learn more about the PSECU difference


We are a digital-first credit union. That means that members can conduct all their business either online or via our mobile app. We make it easy to deposit and transfer money, apply for loans, and open IRAs and other accounts. This digital model saves us money – a savings that we pass on to our members.

We do have a few locations where members can learn more about PSECU products and services. At our Harrisburg locations, we have tellers to assist members in performing transactions. Learn more about these locations.
No, you don’t have to live in Pennsylvania to join. You only need to meet one of the membership requirements. Find out how to become a member.
You don’t have to live in Pennsylvania to remain a member of PSECU. We have members all over the country and outside the United States. Once you join PSECU, you can keep your membership for life, even if you move.
Yes, we offer traditional banking services like checking and savings, without the fees that banks charge. We also offer great rates on credit cards, auto, home and personal loans, and mortgages. You could save almost $1,000* per year when you use all our products and services, based on comparison of similar offerings from other financial institutions. Learn more.
*Estimated savings are based on comparison of similar offerings from other financial institutions. Estimated savings are updated annually.
We have a wealth of money management resources. We have two destinations dedicated to money management. Our blog offers money management tips for every age. Check out these money tips here.

Our other resource, WalletWorks, offers information that helps you manage your money and make smart financial decisions. Learn more by visiting WalletWorks.

We also offer financial literacy seminars focused on money management. If you’re interested in having us bring our financial know-how and free financial education seminars to your campus, workplace, or community organization, email or call 717.777.2189 for more information.