Your Partner for Life

Take Us With You Wherever You Go

We aim to be your financial partner for life. From youth accounts to retirement accounts, we’re there for you at every stage.

Your financial needs and goals as a teenager are vastly different than your needs at retirement.   No matter where you are now or where you’re headed in life, we’ll be your financial partner along the way.


We’re Here to Help Parents and Children

Your child is never too young to start learning about money, and their first bank account is a great way to set them on the right path. We can walk you through the difference between a custodial or regular account.

Once your child has an account with us, no matter where they go in life, they can take us along. Learn about our account options for youth and parents.


We’re Here to Help Teenagers Learn About Money

Teenagers dream just as big as adults do, whether their goal is to save for a car or have money to hang out with their friends. PSECU can help teens learn about money management, giving them the skills they need to serve them well for the rest of their lives. Learn tips and tricks for better money management. 


We’re Here to Help College Students Establish Their Financial Lives

College students need to keep every last penny in their pockets. They also need to learn how to manage their money responsibly.

Account benefits, like free checking and surcharge-free ATMs, help them hold onto their money. Our financial education programs on college campuses help them learn about responsible money management. Learn more about our options for college students.


We’re Here to Help Families Thrive

From mortgages to credit cards that work hard for them, families need every financial advantage they can get. Our products like free checking accounts and a cash rewards credit card help families live a better life. We also have low rates on loans, whether you need a car loan or a personal loan.

Remember, if you move out of state, you can take your PSECU membership with you. No matter where life takes you or what adventures you seek, we have your finances covered.


We’re Here to Help Businesses Succeed

PSECU also helps members who start or run their own business. A business needs support – and the right capital – to grow. Whether you need basic business checking, equipment loans, or lines of credit, we can help. Find out about our banking products for businesses.


We’re Here to Help You Enjoy Retirement

We know that planning for retirement can feel overwhelming. That’s why we provide options for our members to figure out what type of investing is right for them.

Learn about investing.


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