Bill Payer Service

Our Bill Payer service is about control and convenience. Using your PC, tablet or smart phone, you set the amount and dates, and we take care of the rest.

Choose from thousands of merchants or if you don't see your payee, request to have it added. Almost anyone you're currently paying by check or with a credit card can be paid using our Bill Payer service.

Want "set and forget" peace of mind? Pay bills automatically on the schedule you set. Or you can schedule payments using our on-demand option. We can even remind you when your bills are due. Take control of your bill paying today by logging into your account and selecting "My Bills."

Money-Saving Tip: Switching from a credit card billing to an automatic bill payment gives you control without those pesky transaction fees you might be incurring.

Additional Benefits Include

  • Funds are taken directly out of your Checking (S4) and, depending on the merchant/payee, are sent either electronically or by paper check.
  • 24/7 access using your mobile device, computer or phone.
  • Transfer funds right on the Bill Payer page to cover scheduled bills.
  • Nickname your bills to easily keep track of multiple bills paid to the same merchant.
  • Charts and graphs of monthly activity help with budgeting.

Please Note: Bill Payer service is not recommended for payments that require remittance coupons such as taxes or court-ordered payments.

Bill Payer FAQS

Can I use Bill Payer to pay a PSECU loan?

There are thousands of merchants you can pay using this service. However, you can't use Bill Payer service to make PSECU loan payments, nor can you send a check to your own address.

Are electronic bills delivered to the payee immediately?

No. You'll need to allow time for processing and delivery. We recommend that you schedule bills paid by paper check at least five business days prior to their due dates. Bills paid by electronic payment should be submitted at least three business days prior to due date.

When are bills paid that are scheduled for the weekend?

Bill payments scheduled for Saturday, Sunday or any holidays will be paid on the business day prior to the scheduled date.