Business Service Charges

Service Charges

Stop-payment fee $25 per check
Stop payment fee for a series (two or more) $30
Non-sufficient funds fee $30
Returned deposit fee $7 per item
Copy of cleared check/cancelled check $1
PIN (Personal Identification Number) mailed to you (if requested more than two times) $1
Account paper statement copy (Note: the most recent quarterly statement or last two monthly statements are free.) $5 per account
Dormant Accounts - An account is considered dormant if there has been no activity or account owner and/or agent initiated correspondence for at least one year. PSECU will assess a $2 monthly fee to these accounts. If an account has $2 or less, the total amount remaining will be charged and the account closed. To avoid the fee, account owners and/or agents can simply make a deposit/withdrawal or contact PSECU. $2 per month
Address change PSECU will assess this service charge if you move and fail to tell us your new address for the entire previous calendar year $10


Foreign ATM deposit fee (non-PSECU ATM) First 3 deposits free per month, then $4 for each additional deposit for that month
ATM deposit adjustment charge (e.g., entry errors, math errors, deposit incorrect endorsements, etc.) $4

Business Visa® Debit Card

Up to four cards (one per individual) Free
After receipt of four cards $5 per card

Business Visa® Credit Card

Annual fee NONE
Over limit fee NONE
Inactivity fee NONE
Late fee Up to $20
Replacement credit cards $5 per card

Business Online Account Access

Digital Banking Free
Business Bill Payer Service Free
First 50 bill payment transactions Free
After 50 bills $.50 per bill

Minimum to Earn Dividends

Regular Shares (savings) $500
Money Market Shares $2,500
Checking Shares $2,500

Accounts in Default

When you are in default, we may add two (2%) percent to the current rate. This rate will continue until the default is remedied by you. After you have remedied the default, and the account has been current for a period of ninety (90) days, the rate will then return to the original rate.

Important: PSECU reserves the right to add, terminate, or make other changes to these service charge fees at any time.