Debt Consolidation

It makes sense to consolidate your bills. You'll probably find a lower interest rate, depending on your situation. Plus, instead of keeping track of multiple bills, payments and due dates, you will have just one payment to make.

Ways to Consolidate

Personal Loan

We call it a Signature Loan, but it's really a personal loan that requires no collateral.

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Equity Loans

Based on the equity in your home, we have fixed-term loans and home equity lines of credit.

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Visa® Balance Transfer

Move high-interest rate balances to PSECU's Visa and never pay a PSECU balance fee.

  • Make your transfers online or call us
  • You may have up to 10 outstanding Visa Balance Transfers at one time. The total amount of outstanding transfer requests cannot total more than your available line of credit.
  • These Visa Balance Transfers will be treated as a cash advance
  • Online Visa Balance Transfers cannot be used to pay off any other PSECU loan. Online transfers are for use in obtaining credit under the terms of your Visa account as stated in the Visa Credit Card Agreement and Truth in Lending Disclosure.
  • Minimum transfer amount $250
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Share or Certificate Loans

Borrow against your savings at 2% more than you are currently earning in dividends (variable-rate).

Our online loan application process currently does not support this loan type. To apply, please speak with one of our Member Service Representatives.