Direct Deposit

Still receiving a paper check on pay day? Worried that you won't have enough time to deposit it? Give yourself the gift of time and less stress by having your pay direct deposited into your PSECU account.

Once received, your pay check will be deposited directly into either your PSECU Checking (S4) or Regular Savings Shares (S1). Even if you are out of town, your money will be deposited and available to you.

You Can Use It For

  • Payroll
  • Civil Service Retirement (OPM)
  • VA compensation or pension
  • Tax refunds
  • Military civilian pay
  • Social Security
  • Investment dividends
  • Or any time you are to receive funds from a company!

Once a direct deposit exists on your PSECU account, the funds are available for access through online and mobile banking, PSECU's Self-Service Telephone (SST), Checking Shares, ATM, Bill Payer Service and more.

Set Up Direct Deposit

  1. When starting Direct Deposit to your account, be sure you have ATM access and/or checks before initiating Direct Deposit.
  2. Start by contacting your payroll/personnel office, federal agency or the company sending you money and ask how to sign up for Direct Deposit.
  3. You will need to provide the company or agency with the following information:
    • PSECU's Routing Transit Number, 231381116, and your 10-digit PSECU checking account number
    • Or, one of your voided PSECU checks
    Routing Transit Number (RTN) 231381116
  4. The office or agency will tell you when Direct Deposit will begin, and can answer any questions regarding partial payroll amounts and the timing of deposits. Typically Direct Deposit takes one or two payroll/deposit cycles to begin. If it doesn't, please do not submit another application. Instead, contact your office or agency to see if it is pending.