East Stroudsburg University

At PSECU, we're all about making sure we work hard for our members to bring them value and outstanding service. As an alumnus of East Stroudsburg University, you are eligible to join PSECU. Check out what we have to offer and see why our members turn to us as a trusted source for low or no fee checking, savings and loan products and services. Because FinancingLife® is what we do best.

Ways We're FinancingLife® For East Stroudsburg University

More Choices

We have broad account choices - IRAs, certificates - along with convenient ways to access your account. You can go online, call us or even use your mobile device. Plus we have tools you can use to better manage your money. Free Direct Deposit and free FICO® Score Service are just the beginning.

With so much to offer, how can we help you today?

Please Note: FICO and Fair Isaac® are registered trademarks of the Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States, and may be trademarks or registered trademarks of the Fair Isaac Corporation in other countries. PSECU is not a credit reporting agency. Fair Isaac is not an affiliate company of PSECU. Members must have PSECU checking or a PSECU loan to be eligible for this service. Joint Owners are not eligible.