How do I make a deposit at an ATM machine?

You can deposit into any ATM that accepts deposits. If you're using a non-PSECU ATM and you do not see a deposit option displayed on the screen after you insert your card, the ATM owner does not participate in deposit sharing. If the machine does accept deposits, simply follow the instructions as they appear on the ATM screen. We recommend saying "yes" when asked about a receipt.

Using a PSECU Deposit Image ATM (accepts cash and checks without envelopes)

Making Check Deposits

  • PSECU ATMs can accept up to 30 checks at a time, and count as one transaction.
  • Checks need to be in good condition and clearly readable.
  • You can request a receipt with the printed check images.
  • Depending on the check deposited, the ATM may ask for an amount to be entered to verify the correct amount.
  • You should pay close attention to the screen to verify amounts.

Making Cash Deposits

  • PSECU ATMs can accept up to 50 bills at a time that are in good condition.
  • Before inserting, be sure to flatten them out and unfold corners.
  • The receipt will show a breakdown of the denominations.
  • Do NOT insert coins.
  • PSECU ATMs do not accept foreign currency.

ATM owners may surcharge for deposits, as well. They should provide notice on their ATMs if they surcharge deposit items. To find the nearest surcharge-free ATM, use our locator. You can also find more ATMs worldwide with by accessing locators for Visa┬« and STAR┬« ATMs. Not all ATMs are surcharge-free in the Visa and STAR locators.