Individual Retirement Accounts

Making the choice to save for your future is a smart move. An IRA (Individual Retirement Account) may be the perfect fit for you.

But first, take time to learn more about the types of IRAs available to you. There have never been so many IRA savings choices as there are today! As a PSECU member, do not feel you are alone in your decision-making process. We offer tools to help guide and educate you on an informed choice. You can also reach out to a PSECU IRA Specialist to help you determine your eligibility.

Types of IRAs

Rates valid as of 4/26/2017 9:51 AM

3 months.25%Calculate0.25%
6 months.5%Calculate0.5%
9 months.75%Calculate0.75%
12 months1%Calculate1%
18 months1.25%Calculate1.24%
24 months1.5%Calculate1.49%
36 months1.75%Calculate1.74%
48 months2%Calculate1.98%
60 months2.25%Calculate2.23%
*APY denotes Annual Percentage Yield

Rates and information are subject to change at any time. Recurring deposits may be made into the certificate through automatic transfers (ATS) only. You may set up recurring deposits through ATS within 30 days after the certificate is purchased. Deposits can be stopped or reduced at any time. This rate will be paid until the certificate matures. Your certificate will automatically renew at the rate in effect at the time of maturity unless we are contacted on or before the maturity date. Upon renewal, the term will be the same as the original term. You have ten calendar days after maturity to redeem your certificate without penalty if you do not want to renew. Dividends will not accrue on the certificate after the maturity date unless it is renewed. A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal. A minimum daily balance of $500 must be maintained in order to earn the disclosed APY.