Budget-Friendly Fitness Options in Lancaster, PA

Budget-Friendly Fitness Options in Lancaster, PA

Working out is an important part of a daily routine. Exercising helps keep you healthy and gives you an endorphin rush to help lower your stress level.

If you live in Lancaster, PA, you have plenty of choices for budget-friendly fitness activities. From traditional gyms and specialized studios to outdoor options, the area brims with fun ways to break a sweat. Read below for a few budget-friendly options to try.

Fitness Classes in Lancaster, PA

Participating in group fitness classes provides an excellent way to stay motivated. The energy of the people around you will push you to try harder than you would on your own. Plus, you’ll begin to look forward to class time as a social outlet, which will encourage you to make every class meeting.

Lancaster has a lot of gyms where you can work out on treadmills or stair machines. But you may find a specialized studio offering yoga or other fitness classes will be a better fit. Often these places offer free trials to see if they’re the right fit for you. Ask about these options at any gym so you can take a test drive before making a long-term commitment.

Here are three fitness centers to check out in Lancaster.

  1. Power Train Sports and Fitness™: At Power Train, boot camp classes encourage people of all fitness levels to work together toward the same goal of finishing a challenging workout and feeling energized after they’re done. Power Train offers a free trial class to anyone interested in testing out the facility.
  2. Universal Athletic Club: If you thrive on the energy of a group fitness class with people who are equally engaged and excited about exercise, Universal Athletic Club may be the place for you. The studio runs small group fitness classes ranging from Body Pump to yoga. Universal Athletic Club provides a three-day free trial for local residents over age 22.
  3. Crunch: You may have heard about Crunch — it’s a nationally franchised gym known for its intense, results-focused fitness classes. Crunch offers a one-day free membership you can sign up for online.

Take Your Workout Outside

Budget-Friendly Fitness Options in Lancaster, PA

You don’t have to stick to the gym to sweat. You can enjoy plenty of exercise outdoors, too. Consider trying these fun ways to work out at parks around Lancaster, saving yourself the gym membership fee.

  1. Use playground equipment: If you have a child, you probably spend a lot of time at parks. Turn play time into workout time by doing high-intensity intervals at the playground. Have your child make up an obstacle course for you on the equipment. Use the monkey bars to practice pull-ups. Try push-ups with your feet up on benches. Do sprints from the slides to the swings.
  2. Shoot some hoops: Almost everyone can find a basketball sitting around the house. Head to a park, such as Overlook Community Campus, that has a basketball hoop, and practice shooting. Find a friend, and you can play one-on-one for a more intense workout.
  3. Play tennis: Tennis can be a surprisingly robust cardio effort. Borrow a racket from a friend if you don’t have one, find a partner, and head to the Central Park Tennis Courts to play a game.

Outdoor Trails and Parks in Lancaster, PA

Hit the trails with these fun hiking and biking spots, which won’t cost you anything. Remember to wear supportive shoes, and a helmet if you’re biking!

1. Farmingdale Trail

Located in Noel Dorwart Park, this 1.7-mile trail winds through a scenic wildflower meadow and past some wetlands. You’ll get in a good workout whether you run along the stone-dust trails or take your bike along to try out the unpaved portion of the trail. Picnic tables in the park make the perfect place to enjoy a long guzzle of water after you finish your workout.

2. Chestnut Grove Natural Area Trails

Prefer more choices for your hiking trips? You can access five trails at the Chestnut Grove Natural Area Trails. The trails have meadows and a nature preserve where you can spot local wildlife. Choose from paved or grass trails, which may be easier on your legs. The longest trail runs just over two miles.

3. Lancaster County Central Park

As the biggest park in Lancaster, Lancaster County Central Park has nine trails to choose from, including several loop hikes that make getting back to your car easier. You can watch passing horseback riders on the equestrian trail or find a more challenging course on the Mill Creek Trail, which features a number of native wildflowers.

4. Money Rocks County Park

Looking for a hike that will leave you panting by the end? On the eastern end of Lancaster County, Money Rocks County Park has spiny rocks you can climb for a cardio workout. You’ll also spy two quintessentially Pennsylvania sights — the state flower, the mountain laurel, and the state bird, the ruffed grouse. 

Getting in shape doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Using these budget-friendly solutions, you can enjoy great workouts without emptying your wallet. Find more money-saving tips by visiting our WalletWorks page.

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