Planning a Marriage Proposal on a Budget

Planning a Marriage Proposal on a Budget

You’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and you’re ready to plan your marriage proposal. Keeping your budget in mind can help you begin your journey together on the right foot financially.

You can find proposal ideas that don’t cost a cent and others that require you to splurge a little. Follow these tips to create the perfect proposal without overspending.

Find a Sentimental Location

One of the most important parts of a marriage proposal is the location. Returning to a place that holds special meaning can help put you in a loving, sentimental frame of mind. Consider these low-cost locations for your proposal.

  • The site of your first date: Recreate your first date, no matter how low-budget or silly it may seem. If you grabbed fast food and played video games at an arcade, do it again.
  • The place where you first confessed your love: You never forget where you first confessed your love. Maybe it was a favorite restaurant or underneath a tree in a park. Take your significant other back to that place and enjoy sharing the memory.
  • The spot where you knew you wanted to get married: Telling your future spouse the story of how and when you decided to propose will mean so much, especially if you’re standing right where you had the realization. Describe the moment in detail.

Involve Your Friends and Family

Once you tell your friends and family about your plans, they may be almost as excited about the proposal as you are. Get them involved by giving them duties to handle on proposal day. You may need someone to hold the engagement ring, or you might want your family nearby for moral support as you ask your big question. Here are some ways to make friends and family part of the event while keeping the focus on your significant other.

  • Prepare a surprise: Have your family and friends gather at a predetermined location, then surprise your significant other by driving them there to pop the question.
  • Make family and friends part of the proposal: Ask them to record any kind words, warm wishes, or funny anecdotes about you and your significant other. Edit those into a video you can watch together, proposing at the end.
  • Plan a get-together: Throw a party that your significant other thinks will be a celebration of a recent promotion or something similar. Surprise them by inviting all of their loved ones and proposing at the right moment.

Try Your Hand at a DIY Project

Show your significant other how much they mean to you by putting your heart and soul into a DIY project. Turning the big moment into something creative reflects the time and effort you’re willing to spend. Here are a few projects that lend themselves well to a proposal.

  • Craft a scrapbook: Assemble pictures of you and your partner together, as well as mementos from your relationship. You might choose the stub from the movie you saw on your first date. Ask the question by including “Will you marry me?” on the last page of the scrapbook.
  • Create a scavenger hunt: Send your significant other looking for “treasure” by preparing a scavenger hunt. It should include the most significant locations in your relationship, like the place where you met, the place where you first kissed, and your favorite restaurant. At the last site, bring out the ring and drop to one knee.
  • Write a poem: Think you can’t write poetry? Anyone can write a poem, but not everyone is confident enough to read that poem to the person they love. A proposal is the perfect time for something heartfelt. Write about how your significant other makes you feel and why you love them. You can include the proposal as a line in the poem or ask the big question when you finish reading.

Spend Wisely

Proposing on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t spend money. You just have to spend money wisely. Paying a little extra for something that means a lot is likely worth it. Just balance your decision-making. For example, if you buy expensive champagne to celebrate, skip the big box of chocolates.

Additionally, you can still incorporate meaningful elements that feel like a splurge without breaking the bank. For instance:

  • Have a talented friend play “your song” on their guitar instead of hiring a professional: Having someone there who’s familiar with your relationship and excited about the proposal can even add an extra meaningful touch.
  • Recreate your favorite restaurant meal on your own or with the help of a family member or friend: You can buy high quality ingredients for a fraction of the price you’d pay for the same meal at a restaurant. This is also a nice option if you don’t think your partner would enjoy a public proposal.

Stick to Your Budget When You Propose

The day you propose to your future spouse will stay etched in their memory forever. Planning it around your budget will help you both prepare for a secure financial future together. For more tips on money management, visit our WalletWorks page.

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