Planning a Valentine’s Day Gift on a Budget

Planning a Valentine’s Day Gift on a Budget

Depending on your partner’s feelings and your own opinion, Valentine’s Day might be an informal occasion or one of the most important days on your calendar. But no matter how you choose to celebrate, you can plan a romantic Valentine’s Day on a budget.

Take a look at these four budget-friendly gift ideas to get you started.

1. Cook a Romantic Dinner at Home

Typically, your budget goes much further when you shop for ingredients and cook a meal at home than it would ordering from a restaurant.

If your partner usually cooks, making dinner for them can be a thoughtful gift. It’s one less meal they’d have to plan for and prep, and that extra time could give them an opportunity to relax.

You might also decide to make a meal with your partner. Cooking together can be a memorable bonding experience for you both. You can choose a fun new recipe, go shopping for the ingredients you’ll need, prepare the meal, and eat together. Don’t forget dessert!

Making a diverse array of foods or a hallmark dish from a special place can even mark the beginning of a romantic staycation. For instance, you can surprise your partner with a themed Valentine’s Day that incorporates food and activities from your favorite vacation destination.

2. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

If you live near the place you first met, your engagement site, or other notable spots of importance to your relationship, a scavenger hunt could be the perfect romantic activity for you and your partner. Leave clues in specific locations for your partner to find. Or, meet them at the location and give them a clue when they arrive.

You can also host a smaller scavenger hunt in your home. Leave letters, photographs, small gifts, or fun clues at each point of interest.

Tips for Your Scavenger Hunt

Plan backward for the most successful scavenger hunt possible. You can start by deciding what happens at the end of the scavenger hunt. Once you know where you want your partner to end up, you can create clues that lead them there.

Some couples might even choose to finish their Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt with a proposal!

If a proposal isn’t quite what you’re aiming for, plan an affordable date to follow the scavenger hunt instead. For example, leave items for a picnic around the house, and lead your partner to a beautiful place where you’ll use them.

3. Keep Things Simple with a Heartfelt Card

Words found and written in cards can capture feelings and express love. With many to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect card for your partner.

To make your card more meaningful, add a personal note and tuck photos, dried flowers, or other small, sentimental items into the envelope.

If you want an alternative to a store-bought card, consider making your own or writing a love letter instead. Use scrapbook paper or cardstock, and exercise your creativity. If you’re writing a letter, you can make your own envelopes from specialty paper for extra flair.

4. Give Gifts with Sentimental Value

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift on a budget, consider giving a thoughtful gift that shows your love for your partner.

  • Clothing: Buy an outfit for your partner and leave a note for them so that they know to wear it for an upcoming date. Clothing is a practical gift, and you can find quality clothes without breaking your budget. Your partner can wear their outfit again and again, remembering your date each time they put it on.
  • Plants: A bouquet of flowers is a beautiful gift, but cut flowers are expensive and don’t last very long. Live plants, like succulents, offer the same beauty at a lower price, and they can live for years. When your partner looks at their new plant, they’ll think of your Valentine’s Day spent together.
  • Handmade items: If you’re creative, making gifts for your significant other can be a thoughtful gesture. Put together a DIY frame for a favorite photo, paint something that has a special meaning to your partner, or even build a piece of furniture your partner will be able to use for decades.

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