How PSECU Works

Banking on a Difference

At PSECU, we’re different. Learn how.

The PSECU advantage
Credit unions are different from banks, because they are not-for-profit and member-owned. As a member, you own part of the credit union. 

We call our checking and savings accounts “shares.” With us, you get your share. 

How your shares work
A share is a basic account that establishes you as a member of PSECU. Our share accounts operate similarly to a conventional bank savings or checking account, except your initial $5 Regular Savings Share deposit essentially gives you a share of ownership in our credit union. 

You can put aside and access money the same way you would with a conventional bank savings or checking account. Add or take out funds at any time, while remaining confident that your money is held in a secure, stable place. 

When a new member joins, he or she makes an initial account opening deposit into a Regular Savings Share, which must always have a minimum balance of $5.

Our services

Credit Cards
car Loans
Home Loans
Personal Loans

Digital Banking Services

We don’t invest in branches on every corner – instead, we invest in you. This allows us to return these cost savings to you through low rates, low to no fees, and cash rewards.

We believe you should be able to access your accounts anytime and anywhere. Through our digital banking services, you can easily deposit money, manage your cards, make payments, and stay informed on your finances.

Experience the convenience and ease of digital banking with PSECU.