Calendar 25th
  • Same payment due date every month - the 25th
  • Low rate good through December 31, 2019

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Last year, we saved our members more than $9 million when they moved their balances to our Visa. With credit limits up to $30,000, if qualified, you could be saving big, too.

our members saved more than $9 million last year with our visa balance transfer

PSECU Visa® Classic Card: When you take advantage of the 2.9% APR (annual percentage rate) promotional offer, Visa® balance transfers will be treated as a cash advance and will accrue interest at 2.9% APR from the time that the transaction posts until 12/31/19; thereafter, any remaining balance will begin to accrue interest at the cash advance rate, which is currently 9.9% APR and subject to change. Payments will be applied as stated in your Visa Classic Consumer Credit Card Agreement. A minimum of $250 must be requested for balance transfers through online banking. Our 2.9% APR promotional offer cannot be used to pay off any PSECU loan or be made payable to cash, yourself, any joint owner(s) or co-maker(s). Balance transfers access credit under the terms of your Visa account as stated in the Visa Classic Consumer Credit Card Agreement.