Online Deposit

With UPost@Home®, PSECU's online deposit service, it's like having an ATM right in your living room. Using your computer, you can make deposits up to $1,500 to your Checking Shares (S4) - and here's the best part - you can start using those funds right away* for card transactions, transfers and check writing, and more.

As long as you have online banking and have either PSECU's Visa® or a debit card, you may be qualified to use the service. Log into your account, click on the "Move Money" tab, then click on the UPost@Home link on the left side menu. If the link is not displayed, feel free to contact us to get set up with UPost@Home.

You can email the UPost department in online banking by clicking on Compose Email, then select Account Access and Services from the Category menu and UPost@Home from the Sub-Category menu.

Making an Online Deposit

  1. Select the UPost@Home option under “Move Money” in online banking and follow the instructions to post your deposit.
  2. Record your Deposit Session # on the front of your pre-addressed envelope. To order more, just click the middle button on the first UPost@Home screen.
  3. Put all deposit endorsed checks in the pre-addressed envelope and mail it immediately.

Things to Remember

After you've completed your online deposit session, you can use your funds right away* for transfers to shares and loans, card transactions and check writing.

Need Your Deposit Session Number? Simply go to your online transaction history in your Checking Shares. You will see the following description:

SEQ# - the number appearing in this field is the same as your Deposit Session Number.

When the deposit is received, we create an image for you to view deposits to your account through online banking.

For complete details, read our UPost@Home Terms of Agreement.

*See PSECU's Funds Availability.