Press Release

PSECU's New Cash Rewards Credit Card a Hit

Harrisburg, PA - May 9, 2017 - PSECU started 2017 with the introduction of a new credit card, the Founder's Card. When it debuted, the card - named to honor the legacy of the credit union's 22 original members - offered members 1.5%* Cash Rewards for purchase transactions.

In their constant search to provide members even more value, PSECU added a new feature to the Founder's Card. Beginning on May 1st, they expanded the Cash Reward option, allowing members to earn 2%* on purchases, if they had checking and qualifying monthly direct deposits totaling at least $500.

"The beauty of this new feature is that members don't need to do a thing, other than use their card for everyday purchases," said PSECU President Gregory A. Smith. "We'll keep track of the services on their account, and if they qualify, they'll earn the 2%. If they don't, they'll still earn 1.5%."

The Cash Reward amount is just one of the attractive features of the Founder's Card, according to Smith. "The 2% is among the highest Cash Rewards offered, especially when we don't restrict what you can purchase or how much you can earn," he noted. "The Rewards never expire, and we don't charge any fees except for a late fee of up to only $27."

The Founder's Card is another example of PSECU's commitment to provide financial opportunities to live a better life. That was the promise the original founders made to one another, and is the cornerstone of how the credit union helps members make the most of their money.

*You can earn 1.5% Cash Rewards on purchases. With checking and a qualifying Direct Deposit, you can earn 2%. See the PSECU Visa® Founder's Card Rewards Program Terms and Conditions for full details.


Opened in 1934, PSECU was founded by 22 ordinary people who made an extraordinary commitment to each other: To create a financial institution where pooled resources benefit all members. Today, we are a full-service credit union serving more than 400,000 members and over $5 billion in assets. As a not-for-profit financial institution, our goal remains to help our members and their families achieve a better life. For more information on how we contribute to the greater good, view our Community Report Card.