Please remember, PSECU will not contact you to request personal or account related information. If you receive a call, email or other communication from someone claiming to represent PSECU who is asking for this type of information, please do not engage. Instead, notify us by calling 800.237.7328.

Sensitive personal and account-related information that you should NOT provide in calls you did not initiate includes the following:

  • PSECU account number
  • Account PIN
  • User ID
  • Mobile/online banking password
  • Credit/debit card CVV number
  • Credit/debit card PIN
  • Social Security Number (SSN) – full or partial

This information should only be provided to PSECU when you have called us at the phone number(s) published on our website.

Don’t trust Caller ID. Phone numbers and email addresses can be easily “spoofed” or faked by scammers (for calls, texts, and emails). This includes PSECU’s 1-800 number.

PSECU also uses one-time verification codes in online and mobile banking to provide additional security. These codes should only be typed into PSECU’s mobile application or website and should never be shared with others. This even includes PSECU staff.