PSECU Scholarships

Make the dream happen. If college is on the horizon, you could win a scholarship.
About the Scholarship

As a not-for-profit credit union, we were founded on the belief that everyone deserves opportunities for a better life. We also believe that knowledge increases your earning potential and gives you the power to make the most out of your money. This is why we have a scholarship program that helps graduating high school seniors reduce the financial burden of pursuing postsecondary education.

Since the program began in 1997, more than 100 students have benefited, going on to graduate and begin careers in medicine, education, science, communications, and other disciplines. The program has awarded more than a half million dollars to students embarking on higher education.

Information about the 2023 PSECU Scholarship will be posted in the fall.

Honoring Our Past

Of the six scholarships we award, two are named for people who through word and deed represented the credit union's ideals and commitment to service.

PSECU John J. Marisic Memorial Scholarship - John was a longtime member of the PSECU Board of Directors and served as the Vice Chairman for a period of time. He was an active Board member and was very involved in community events. He was the embodiment of the mission of credit unions to serve the greater good. This scholarship is awarded to the top applicant in honor of John's dedication to PSECU and commitment to improving the community.

PSECU Michael A. Gottshall Memorial Scholarship - Michael was an employee of PSECU for over 12 years. He was known for being giving, genuine, and always putting others before himself. He believed in "living life today" and was often described as someone you were proud to introduce as your friend. This scholarship is awarded to an applicant in honor of Michael's commitment to service before self.

2022 PSECU Scholarship Winners

Georgia Hammond
Aleni Alfano

Pittston Area High School
Hometown: Pittston Township, PA
College: Pennsylvania State University

Payton Sarver
Kate Bevec

Great Valley High School
Hometown: Malvern, PA
College: Northeastern University

Anthony Severns
Emma Mader

Red Lion High School
Hometown: York, PA
College: The University of South Carolina

Jadine Vanderaar
Austin Winkelspecht

North Raleigh Christian Academy
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
College: United States Military Academy – West Point

2022 PSECU John J. Marisic Memorial Scholarship Winner

Rebecca Stern
Elizabeth Planinsek

Greater Latrobe High School
Hometown: Latrobe, PA
College: University of Dayton

2022 PSECU Michael A. Gottshall Memorial Scholarship Winner

Meghan DelPierre
Hunter Trawitz

Millersburg Area High School
Hometown: Millersburg, PA
College: Millersville University

Meet the Winners

Bright Future Banking

As you head off to college, and even after you graduate, our digital banking tools make it possible to continue banking with us, no matter where you go. When you get to campus, visit one of our Financial Education Centers to learn about anytime, anywhere banking and scholarship opportunities available for college students.