Security Software

PSECU, like other leading online financial institutions, is offering a free service that adds an extra layer of protection - Rapport from Trusteer.

Rapport shields your personal and financial information from cyber criminals. Think of it as an armored truck that moves information from your computer to us and back again. Rapport is intended to be a supplement, not a replacement, to your current protections. This free software takes seconds to install and won't slow down your computer like some other security software.

Benefits Include

  • Peace of mind - Rapport tells you that you really are connected to PSECU and not a fraudulent Web site.
  • Safeguard your passwords - Prevents cyber spies from "seeing" your online transactions.
  • Protect your identity - Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing threats in the U.S.
  • Works alongside your anti-virus software and firewall - Keep your current protection in place, while taking advantage of Rapport's extra level of security.
  • It's fast - Rapport won't slow down your computer.
  • Keep one step ahead - Some security software requires constant updating. The way Rapport functions, you won't need to rely on updates.

How it works

When you browse to a Web site in a supported Web browser, the Rapport icon appears in the browser's address bar. The Rapport icon is green when Rapport is protecting your communication with the Web site:

Protected with Trustee Rapport

And the icon is gray when the communication is not protected:

Not protected with Trustee Rapport

Rapport comes preconfigured to protect certain Web sites who are working directly with Trusteer to give their valued customers the best protection possible.

Please Note: Rapport/Trusteer is not an affiliate company of PSECU. PSECU is not responsible for the claims, content or services associated with the Rapport software by Trusteer.