{ Budgeting Worksheet }

It takes a while to form a habit. Use this worksheet to plan out your monthly budget to get your finances on track and make good money management a part of your daily life.

To help yourself stay on track, set some short- and long-term goals for your budget. Want to buy a new couch? A car? A house? Writing down these goals and checking up on them can help you stay motivated to save more and spend less.

Monthly Income

Paychecks (what you actually bring home after taxes and deductions)
Other Income (support from family, government benefits after taxes)

Monthly Expenses

Savings *

* Don't forget to consider this as a bill, and pay yourself first! Putting even a small amount in savings each month will help you reach your short- and long- term goals.


Rent / Mortgage
Renter's or Homeowner's Insurance
Utilities (Electric and/or Gas)
Internet, Cable, Phone, Cell Phone
Other Housing Expenses (ex: property taxes, lawn maintenance)

Food & Living Expenses

Household Supplies (i.e. paper towels)
Toiletries (i.e. shampoo)


Car Payment
Car Insurance
Car Maintenance (i.e. inspection, registration, oil changes)
Car Fuel
Public Transportation (ex: bus, commuter rail, taxis)
Other Transportation Costs (ex: parking, tolls)

Personal & Family Care

Health Insurance (for you and/or family)
Medicine (for you and/or family)
Child Care or Education Costs (ex: daycare, private school tuition)
Child Support Payments
Clothing/Shoes (for you and/or family)
Self-Care (ex: haircuts for you and/or family)

Education (past & present)

Tuition, Fees, and Books (if presently enrolled or supporting a child in college)
Student Loans (if formerly enrolled or helping a child make payments)
Other Education Expenses (for you and/or family members)

Financial Expenses & Debts

Credit Card Payments
Personal or Payday Loan Payments
Fees for Cashier’s Checks and Money Transfers
Prepaid Credit or Phone Cards (and related fees)
Financial Institution Fees (ex: checking account fees, ATM fees)

Fun Stuff

Entertainment (ex: movies)
Travel (ex: bus, train, or plane tickets, hotel costs)
Eating Out (ex: coffee stops, pizza shops)
Pampering (ex: extra haircuts or colors, manicures)
“Fun” Money (money set aside to shop or spend as you’d like)
Charitable Donations (ex: churches, non-profits)

Other (Anything we forgot? Add it here.)

Total Monthly Expenses: 0

Total Monthly Income


Total Monthly Expenses


Surplus or Deficit