PSECU's goal is to provide members 12 years of age or older with hassle-free, no fee, dividend-earning checking.

Benefits Include


Earning Dividends

No minimum balance is required in your PSECU Checking to earn dividends (what you may think of as "interest"). PSECU uses the average daily balance to calculate dividends. Under this system, a periodic rate is applied to the average daily balance in the account for each day in the dividend period.

Accessing Monthly Statements

Your monthly statement details all your checking transactions, along with your other credit union shares and loans. The checking portion of the statement lists your deposits, cleared checks, ATM and PSECU Visa® debit card transactions, automatic transfers, Bill Payer, Self-Service Telephone (SST) and psecu@home® online account access transactions.

Viewing Checks Online

If you are a psecu@home® user, online check imaging allows you to access copies of your cleared checks from your home computer. Simply click and print a copy of your check when needed. Should you need us to provide a copy of your cleared check, we'll be happy to supply a copy for a $1 service charge per check.

Joint Checking

For those sharing household or other expenses, PSECU offers joint checking. Each co-owner has equal access to the account. Just complete the joint owner information on the application and have all joint owners sign. Please note that joint owners are not automatically PSECU members. They must open an individual PSECU account to enjoy all the benefits of membership.

Overdraft Transfer Service

PSECU will automatically transfer the funds needed to clear a check if there isn't enough in your Checking Shares. This amount must be available in your Regular Shares, Money Market or Personal Service Loan (PSL), depending on the option you choose.

Simply select one of the seven combinations of overdraft options on the checking application. The only restriction to these options is that they are limited to shares / loans under the same member's account number. PSL overdraft is only available if you have an established line of credit. It is subject to your existing credit limit and current loan policy. If you do not choose an option, PSECU will automatically set up overdraft from your Regular Shares.

PSECU limits overdraft transfers from Regular Shares and Money Market to six per month. Because of this restriction, Regular Shares and Money Market overdraft transfer service should only be used in case you miscalculate your checking balance.

Important: When using debit, with PSECU Visa debit card, you must have available funds in your checking account or your transaction will be declined. Overdraft Transfer Service does not apply to debit transactions.

Rates valid as of 7/28/2016 2:16 PM

Money Market.20%.20%
Reg / Vacation / Christmas / S5 / IRA.15%.15%
*APY denotes Annual Percentage Yield

Rates, and information, are subject to change at any time. Fees could reduce earnings on the account(s). The disclosed dividend rates are variable and may change after the member opens the account(s). Regular Share Accounts require a minimum balance of $5 to open the account. Money Market accounts require a minimum of $500 to earn the advertised APY.

*FICO® and Fair Isaac® are registered trademarks of the Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States, and may be trademarks or registered trademarks of the Fair Isaac Corporation in other countries. PSECU is not a credit reporting agency. Fair Isaac is not an affiliate company of PSECU. Members must have PSECU checking or a PSECU loan to be eligible for this service. Joint Owners are not eligible.