Over 70,000 Surcharge-Free ATMs Nationwide

Find the surcharge-free ATM closest to you.

We've Joined the Allpoint Network!

Find one of their 40,000+ withdrawal ATMs near you.

Access Your Money – Without Fees

Pay to access your own money? No way. We provide our members with over 70,000 surcharge-free ATMs options through:

  • 100+ PSECU-owned ATMs across Pennsylvania
  • 30,000+ ATMs in the CO-OP Network® and the Credit Union Alliance
  • 40,000+ withdrawal ATMs through Allpoint (commonly found in Target and CVS)
  • ATMs at Sheetz®, Rutter's®, and Wawa®
  • Select-a-Branch ATMs on the Pennsylvania Turnpike

Use the ATM locator above to find the closest surcharge-free ATM to you. You can see where you can withdraw cash and make cash or check deposits.

Get Rebates for Out-of-Network Fees

Can't find an in-network ATM near you? No worries. If you use your PSECU debit card at an out-of-network ATM and get charged, we'll rebate fees on withdrawals up to $20 per month with direct deposit and up to $8 per month without. Rebates for the previous month are deposited into your Regular share on the first of each month.

ATM Security

Help keep your money safe by following these tips:

  • Don't share your debit card number or PIN with anyone.
  • Cover the keypad with your other hand as you enter your PIN.
  • Before inserting your card, check an ATM for anything that looks suspicious, like a card skimmer (hidden device on a card reader that collects card numbers) or camera that's been added. One way to identify that something is not right is if the card reader or keypad feels wiggly.
  • Sign up for account alerts to notify you when ATM transactions occur.

Traveling Internationally?

You can access your PSECU account at ATMs around the world. To find one on your travels, use the Visa(R) ATM Locator. Please note that not all ATMs are surcharge free in this network.

Frequently Asked ATM Questions

Get answers to the most common questions about depositing cash or checks at an ATM.

Do all ATMs accept deposits?

No, not all ATMs accept deposits. Some are withdrawal only ATMs, which means you can take cash out, but not deposit it. Others may only allow deposits from individuals with accounts at that financial institution. You can find ATMs that allow withdrawals and/or deposits at the locator above.

What can be deposited through an ATM?

In addition to cash, you can deposit the following through an ATM: personal checks, money orders, traveler's checks, rebate checks, and insurance checks. Foreign checks or foreign money orders cannot be deposited through the ATM. Generally, the payee(s) should endorse all checks on the back only. Failure to endorse these items correctly may result in the deposit being reversed from your account. Get more tips on correct endorsement >

How do I make a deposit at an ATM machine?

You can deposit into any ATM that accepts deposits. Please note, however, that if you're using a non-PSECU ATM and a deposit option doesn't display on the screen after you insert your card, the ATM owner doesn't participate in deposit sharing, which means you cannot deposit into your PSECU account from that ATM. If the machine does accept deposits, simply follow the instructions as they appear on the ATM screen. We recommend selecting Yes when asked about receiving a receipt.