Founder’s Rewards Card

Cash rewards on every single purchase. Credit limits up to $30,000, if qualified. That’s why we call it a rewards card.

How Our Cardholders Achieve More

More rewards

Get cash rewards on every purchase, with no category restrictions.

More savings

$0 PSECU Balance Transfer Fee

More freedom

No expiration dates means no rush on your cash rewards.

Additional Perks

  • Reward yourself with 2%* or 1.5% in cash rewards on every purchase, every time.
  • Credit limits up to $30,000, if qualified.
  • Visa Signature® benefits are automatically provided for credit lines of $5,000 or more.
  • Access funds through nearly 70,000 ATMs in our network with no cash advance fees

See How Cash Rewards Add Up

woman on phone
$100 $30,000

This estimate is provided for informational purposes only. Rewards can be redeemed through online and mobile banking only. Actual Cash Rewards may vary depending on credit card use.

Current Promotional Rate

Valid as of 02/2/2023 11:33 PM EST 
Description APR*
Founder's Card Balance Transfer Promotional Rate  3.90% 

*APR denotes Annual Percentage Rate.

When you take advantage of the 3.90% APR promotional offer, Visa® balance transfers will accrue interest at 3.90% APR from the time that the transaction posts until the 3.90% APR promotional offer expires on 12/31/2024; thereafter, any remaining balance will begin to accrue interest at the APR for Balance Transfers, currently 16.65%, which is a variable APR equal to the Prime Rate plus a margin of 9.15%. Payments will be applied as stated in your PSECU Visa® Founder's and Visa® Alumni Rewards Consumer Credit Card Agreement. A minimum of $250 must be requested for balance transfers through digital banking. Our 3.9% APR promotional offer cannot be used to pay off any PSECU loan or be made payable to cash, yourself, any joint owner(s), or co-maker(s). Balance transfers do not qualify as eligible purchases for the cash back reward program. Balance transfers access credit under the terms of your Visa® Founder's Card/Visa® Alumni Rewards Card account as stated in the PSECU Visa® Founder's and Visa® Alumni Rewards Consumer Credit Card Agreement.

Current Standard Rates (Variable)

Valid as of 02/2/2023 11:33 PM EST 
Description APR*
Founder's Card Purchase 16.65%
Founder's Card Cash Advance 16.65%
Founder's Card Balance Transfer 16.65%

*APR denotes Annual Percentage Rate.

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Description Amount
Annual fee $0
Balance transfer fee $0
Cash advance fee $0
Late fee Up to $27
Foreign transaction fee $0

*You can earn 1.5% cash rewards on purchases. You can earn 2% cash rewards on purchases if you maintain a PSECU checking account and qualifying monthly direct deposit(s) of at least $500. See the Visa® Founder's Card and Visa® Alumni Rewards Card Rewards Program Terms and Conditions for full details.