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Need help finding your way around online banking? We’re here to help you navigate through the latest updates.


Dashboard features

The dashboard is where all of your important account information lives like Accounts, Transfers, and Bills.

You can quickly view your balances and recent transactions, manage cards, view statements, add a payee, view personalized insights, and view your Free Credit Score*, if you are enrolled. Clicking the three dots on the side of each share or loan allows you to quickly navigate to services associated with your share or loans.


New drop-down menu

Can’t find what you need on the new Accounts dashboard?

Use the navigator menu

Simply click the drop-down menu at the top left of your screen. The menu will also take you to your accounts dashboard, transfers dashboard, bills dashboard, Cards, Free Credit Score, Profile and Settings, View Your Member Account Number, and Support.


Manage Cards

We’ve made managing your cards easier. On the new manage cards screen, you can see all your cards with PSECU.

You can lock/unlock, enter your travel plans, report your card lost, and change your card limits. Depending on the card type, you can also perform additional functions such as Visa® Balance Transfer, Pay Visa and activate your new card.
Watch a tutorial video

Accessing Redesigned Online Banking

We are moving away from our old legacy online banking to our new online banking platform. If you log in with your account information, the new platform will pull in your account information.

How do I access the new platform?

There are several ways you can access the new online banking platform. You may log into the old online banking and click the ad on the left-hand side of the screen. This will take you to the login screen of the new platform. You may also access the new platform within the old platform’s personalized insights.

Preferred browsers

Our preferred browsers for accessing our new online banking are Edge, Safari and Chrome. If you are accessing our new platform on another browser, we suggest switching over to one of our preferred browsers.

Logging in to the new online banking

You will need to re-enter your username and password to get into the new platform. In some cases, you may need to go through our multifactor authentication process. After you log into the new online banking for the first time, you will not need to re-enter your username again.


Bill Payer

You can access bill payer several ways. You can click on Bills at the top of the dashboard or select Bills from the drop-down menu on the top left of the dashboard.

On the bill payer screen, you are able to view the bills you already have set up and manage your payees. On the right-hand side of the screen, you can view the total amount of bills you have scheduled and add a new payee.

At this time, our new redesigned online banking does not contain the ability to show the bill payer graphs or sort your current bills.

 Watch a bill payer tutorial video
How to enroll in our free FICO® Credit Score Service**

Our free credit score service is the easy way to monitor your credit health. After you enroll, you'll receive regular updates to your score, as well as tips to help you improve it.

You can enroll in our free credit score service through our mobile app or online banking. Simply click on the menu at the top left corner of the screen. Locate and click on FICO® score. Read the agreement and click the “I Agree” button.

Mobile Deposit

  1. To capture an image of the front of your check, place the check with the front facing up on a well-lit surface. The color of the background should be a solid color that contrasts the color of the check.
  2. The app must have permission to access the camera. Go to Settings on your device, locate the PSECU app and turn on permission for the app to access the camera. You can turn permissions on or off at any time in settings. Tap Take Photo to activate the camera. Review the in-app instructions and tap Continue.
  3. Align the check within the guidelines. Hold the camera steady as the camera auto-focuses. Tap the screen to take the picture. You can also choose to enable Auto in the upper righthand corner, in which case the camera will take the photo when focused. The image will be automatically cropped to the guidelines and converted to black and white. Tap Done or the check mark to continue.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the back of the check. Make sure the check has been properly endorsed.
  5. The account share for deposit will default to the Checking. The dollar amount should auto populate. If not, tap the Amount field to show the keyboard and enter the dollar and cent amount of the check.
  6. Review the check images and verify the deposit amount. Make sure all the information on the check is present and legible in the image.
  7. If you have additional checks to deposit, tap Add Item and follow the instructions.
For image warnings, an important piece of information is missing or could not be read. If the information is not present or not clearly readable, tap Take Photo to try again. However, if the information is present and clearly legible you may continue.
The following image warnings apply only to the front check image:
MICR Readability All or some of the numbers (bank routing number, account number, check number) along the bottom of the check could not be read.
Date Possibly Missing The check date could not be located on the image.
Signature Possibly Missing The signature could not be located on the image.
Payee Possibly Missing The payee signature could not be located on the image.
Payor Possibly Missing The name of the check writer could not be located on the image.
Other Issues:
Wrong Deposit Amount If the Deposit Amount is wrong, tap the Amount field and enter the correct dollar amount of the check. You do not need to retake the images.
Poor Image Quality If you think that either the check front or check back image should be fixed, tap Take Photo, at any time before submitting and retaking the image(s). You do not need to retake both front and back images if there is a problem with only one of them.
The following errors apply to the front or back image:
Folded Corners The check has one or more corners folded or improper lighting has caused missing information at one or more of the corners. If the check has folded corners, fix the folded corners on the check and re-capture.
Excess Skew The check image is not properly aligned. Re-capture the image making sure to line up the guidelines correctly.
Image Too Dark The check image is too dark to allow proper reading. Increase the lighting and re-capture the image. For checks that are persistently too dark despite following all the recommendations, the brightness slider can be used to lighten the image when taking the picture.
Image Too Light The check image is too light to allow proper reading. Decrease the lighting and re-capture the image. For checks that are persistently too light despite following all the recommendations, the brightness slider can be used to darken the image when taking the picture.
Image Too Small The check may have been too far from the camera. Re-capture the image making sure to line up the guidelines correctly.
Image Too Large The check may have been too close to the camera. Re-capture the image making sure to line up the guidelines correctly.
Crop Error The image is not properly cropped. Use a solid color contrasting surface for best results.
Out of Focus The image is out of focus.
Below Minimum Size The check file size is too low. Re-capture image.
Above Maximum Size The check file size is too high. Re-capture image.
Excess Spot Noise The image contains extraneous pixels that affect readability. Re-capture the image.
The following errors apply to the back image:
Back Image Not in Scale The size of the back image is not correct compared to the front image. Try again, making sure to line up the guidelines correctly.
Endorsement The signature could not be located on the image.
report bug

Having issues?

Need to report a bug or provide feedback? To let us know of any issues or give us feedback, use the feedback link at the top right of every screen.


If you are noticing that your financial aggregator is not receiving updated information from your PSECU account(s), it is likely that the financial aggregator has not modified their system to support our new online banking platform. Prior to shutting down our legacy online banking system in 2021, we proactively reached out to financial aggregators, however, we cannot guarantee that all have made the necessary updates on their end. We continue to work with any financial aggregators who need our assistance by updating their processes. If you are experiencing issues, please encourage the financial aggregator you work with to contact us to work toward a resolution.
While this option is not available at this time, we will consider this as we continue to improve our digital banking experience.
There are several ways you can view your savings and rewards. You may go to Manage Cards and view and Redeem Your Rewards. You may also view your savings and rewards through your personalized insights.
This feature is not available at this time. Please call PSECU if you do not have your checking information.
This new feature of our online banking platform allows you to view pending ACH deposits and withdrawals. This will let you know when we know that activity will occur on your account soon.
We are no longer showing this feature within online banking.
Turning on the Remember Me button will save your User ID and allow you to authorize your device to enable Fingerprint Login, PIN Login, and Quick Balances. Your password will not be saved, and you will always be required to authenticate using either your PIN, password or fingerprint to log into the app when Remember Me is turned on.
The app must have permission to access Contacts. There must also be a mobile phone number and/or email address associated with the contact to be populated.
You can view the phrase you selected by tapping Transfer Activity on the Pay Page. Find the correct transfer, and it will display the phrase next to mobile number or email address of recipient.
*PSECU is not a credit reporting agency. Members must have PSECU checking or a PSECU loan to be eligible for this service. Joint owners are not eligible.
**FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and other countries.