Deposit a Check Anytime, Anywhere Using Our Free Mobile Deposit Feature

Deposit a Check Anytime, Anywhere Using Our Free Mobile Deposit Feature

While paper checks aren’t as common as they once were, it’s likely you still receive one occasionally, whether it’s a rebate from a product you purchased or a holiday gift from a relative. 

However common or rare these instances are for you, PSECU’s free mobile deposit feature makes it easier than ever to deposit checks anytime, anywhere using the PSECU Mobile App.

When you use PSECU’s Mobile App, there’s no need to run to an ATM or branch to deposit a check. You can deposit checks valued at up to $10,000 directly to your checking account in a few simple steps by snapping a photo of the front and back of the check with your device. Access to these funds are subject to our Funds Availability Policy.   

Get Started Using Mobile Deposit

Ready to get started? Follow the simple steps below:

  • Open the PSECU Mobile App and select Deposits from the menu.
  • The app will automatically populate the To section to have the funds sent to your Checking share. After you’ve made the deposit, you can transfer the funds to a different share. 
  • In the Front of Check and Back of Check sections, tap on Take Photo and follow the instructions.
  • The app will read the check and automatically fill in the Amount section. Verify that the correct information has been populated here. 
  • When all information on this page has been completed, tap the Confirm Deposit button. You’ll be taken to a confirmation screen that gives you a reference number for the transaction. If your deposit is being held for verification purposes, that information will be displayed here, as well. 

Tips for a Successful Mobile Deposit

The first time you use the mobile deposit feature, instructions will pop up after you’ve hit the Take Photo buttons when capturing the front and back of the check. Follow the tips shown here for a successful mobile deposit.

  • Front of check
    • Place check on a well-lit, solid-colored surface.
    • Only deposit checks payable to you or PSECU.
    • Verify that the numerical and written amounts match.
    • Make sure the check is signed and dated. 
    • Align the check with the sample check shown in the viewfinder.
  • Back of check
    • Sign your name in the endorse here section.
    • Print the words “For Mobile Deposit Only” underneath your name. 
    • Align the check with the sample check shown in the viewfinder. 

Once you’ve reviewed the on-screen instructions, you can choose to have them hidden in the future by selecting Do Not Show This Again, or you can leave this option unselected so that the instructions appear each time you make a deposit. 

For both the front and back of the check, a sample image will appear in the viewfinder to help you line up your check so that it can be easily read by the app. 

After You’ve Made Your Mobile Deposit

Once your mobile deposit is complete, make note of the reference number you’re given on the confirmation screen. This will help identify the transaction if you need to call or chat with one of our agents for support. 

After your deposit, store the check in a secure location for a minimum of 30 days and then shred it. Do not submit the check through another depository channel, such as an ATM.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can everyone use mobile deposit?
    • There are some restrictions for mobile deposit usage. To check your eligibility, visit the Mobile Solutions page in online banking.

  • Are there limits on the amount or number of mobile deposits I can make?
    • You may deposit one check or multiple checks valued up to $10,000 per day using mobile deposit. 
    • In one month (a rolling 30-day period), you can deposit up to $50,000 using mobile deposit. 
    • Limits may vary for certain accounts – including basic service accounts, new accounts, and dormant accounts (accounts that are not actively used).

  • What if I have a check for more than $10,000 that I’d like to deposit?
    • You can call us and ask to be transferred to our Mobile Deposit unit for requests to have deposit limits adjusted. 

  • What should I do with the check once I submit it through mobile deposit?
    • Make note of the reference number and store the check in a safe location for at least 30 days. Do not submit it through another depository channel, such as an ATM.

  • Why is my mobile deposit being held for review?
    • Deposits could be held for various reasons. The most common reasons, however, are that the check image isn’t clear, or the system couldn’t read the MICR line (the numbers across the bottom of the check).

  • What happens if my deposit is held for review? 
    • When a deposit is held for review, it means the system could not automatically process it. One of our agents will manually review it and you will be notified via email that the deposit has been accepted or rejected. If rejected, you will also be provided with the reason why.

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Deposit a Check Anytime, Anywhere Using Our Free Mobile Deposit Feature

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