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How to Explain the Economy to Your Kids

their salary or the number of hours they can work, and their paychecks shrink. Retail purchases: When people have less money

4 Ways to Save for a Home

split your paychecks into separate accounts — one for your home and one for everyday expenses. If you’re a PSECU member, we make

A Resolution to Becoming Financially Fit

checks or allow you to transfer your balance through a simple process online. As you consider a balance transfer, watch for fees

Becoming a Financial Caregiver

individual. When writing checks, use the memo field to document what the check was for so you can refer to that information in the

How to Get Out of Debt on a Low Income

you’ll be living off last month’s income, you’ll start saving entire future paychecks for later use. 2. Focus on One Debt at a

Checking Accounts Without Monthly Fees

history, and deposit checks by using our secure mobile app. We also offer person-to-person transfers that allow you to send money... features for card access. Free Basic-style Checks: In keeping with our philosophy that you shouldn’t have to pay to access your own

Money Management for Teens

taxes. Net pay is the actual amount of your earnings you’ll receive. You’ll find a variety of abbreviations on your paychecks

Manage Your Money Anytime, Anywhere with the PSECU Mobile App

an ATM or branch to deposit a check when you have the PSECU Mobile App. You can deposit checks directly to your checking

Teaching Teens About Money

Write a Check While paper checks may not be used as often as in the past, everyone should know how to write a check. First