Health Meets Wealth: The Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

Health Meets Wealth: The Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

Health impacts just about every area of our lives. When we feel sick or stressed, it affects us at work and at home.

That’s why many employers now offer wellness programs. Programs focusing on physical, mental and financial health aim to keep employees at the top of their game, and often include incentives for participation.

The idea is that if employees are physically healthy, mentally fit and financially stable, they can concentrate on their jobs and perform better. Employers benefit because their employees are better able to complete their tasks at work and employees benefit because they gain the support they need to improve their lives both at work and outside of the office.

Here’s a look at the benefits employers and employees can get out of corporate wellness programs.

Health Meets Wealth: The Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

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Growing Emphasis on Financial Health in the Workplace

As the statistics in the micrographic show, finances are a big cause of stress for employees. Offering financial wellness programs is a great way to help boost employees’ overall well-being, making it an important part of any corporate wellness program.

A focus on providing financial well-being programs is growing nationwide. According to the 2016 National Business Group on Health® and Fidelity Investments® 8th Annual Survey, the number of companies offering financial security programs increased from 76% in 2016 to 84% in 2017.

Financial education may help reduce employees’ stress, which means employees can stay more engaged in their work. Offering financial wellness programs may also help attract and retain quality employees who see the resources the program offers as an important benefit.

PSECU Offers Free Financial Education for Businesses

At PSECU, a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we care about the financial health of our community members. That’s why we offer free financial education to our PSECU Select Employee Groups (SEGs).

Our program educates employees about financial issues, and we customize our workshops to fit employer’s specific needs.
Learn More About Becoming a SEG

Not only does becoming a SEG allow employees to be eligible to join PSECU, but the workshops offered through WalletWorks, our financial education program, can help reduce stress and improve employees’ understanding of what they need to do to make their own financial situation better.

Access to workplace wellness programs often translates to a workforce more engaged with their customers and dedicated to their employers. Wellness programs show workers that their employers care about their well-being and comfort in addition to the work they do, which can be a great incentive to stay with a company for the long haul.

If you’re an employer, help your employees on the path to financial fitness. Find more money management tips and resources on our WalletWorks page.

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