7 Affordable Team Building Activities in PA

7 Affordable Team Building Activities in PA

Team building activities are a fun way to help employees get to know each other better. Check out these engaging and affordable activities that can often be found close to home and are sure to build morale.

1. Escape Rooms

If you’ve never heard about the escape room trend, it’s time to acquaint yourself with this popular activity. Here’s how it works. You and a small group are locked in an enclosed space and given a mystery to unravel. The venue provides your team with clues, and you have one to two hours to figure out how to unlock the escape room. If the time lapses and you still haven’t figured it out, the venue unlocks the door.  

At Lancaster’s Escape Room, you can choose from several themed rooms, including 50’s Diner and Ancient Greece. It’s perfect for team building because the activity is short, engaging, fun, and affordable. If you are bringing a group of 12 or more, you can call them for reservations and special pricing.

2. Ax Throwing

Ax throwing is an emerging trend that’s safe and fun. It originated in Canada, but Philadelphia is home to the first competitive ax throwing center in the U.S. Check out Bury the Hatchet located in South Philly. Bury the Hatchet caters to group events such as team building, and can be fun for various ages.

Ax throwing is similar to throwing darts. The thrower hurls an ax down a short lane that’s walled on either side. Individuals and teams can play in tournaments to see how quickly the thrower can land a bullseye. You might even find that your team building event encourages a few new hobbyists.

3. Outdoor Adventure Course

Outdoor adventure courses are perfect for beautiful days and a nice way to get out of the office to encourage employee wellness.

Ropes courses are a trending activity, and it’s one that’s suitable for adventurous and reasonably fit folks of most ages. The best time to visit a ropes course is on a sunny day, of course — but don’t overlook venues that offer nighttime excursions. It’s also a terrific activity when you want to enjoy a stunning fall day outdoors.

In Pennsylvania, check out Camelback Mountain Adventures, home to nighttime ropes courses, zip lines, and even a mountain coaster. If you’re planning an overnight getaway, Camelback also features a lodge for easy accommodations.

Trained pros will harness you and your colleagues and clip your line to bridges and ladders affixed to the trees. Some of your most adventurous employees may prefer traversing the very top of the course, while others can stay on a course that’s closer to the ground. Either way, the courses are well supervised. You’ll need to sign a waiver to participate. 

4. Cave Tour

Have you ever been in a cave? If not, you’re in for a fantastic treat. Cave tours are great for all ages, and you and your team can take your time exploring, or hire a guide for an in-depth tour.

For nearly 90 years, Lincoln Caverns & Whisper Rocks has been a top PA attraction, and group tours are available. There are miles of trails underground and above ground, and additional activities include panning for gemstones and viewing flora and fauna.

You won’t believe the otherworldly formations and bright colors. And if you go on a hot day, you’ll appreciate how cool it stays underground. Planning a winter team building event? Don’t worry — caves stay roughly the same temperature all year long.

5. Fun and Games

If you want the party to come to you, then consider hiring a games expert to come to your property. This custom solution is ideal for all-sized groups — anywhere from 20 to 400. You can also tailor the activity to fit your budget, and it works for indoor or outdoor spaces. Your game consultant can design team and one-on-one competitions, perform emcee duties, arrange for a DJ or background music, give awards, and more.

TeamBonding is one such consultant that’s willing to create a fun event anywhere in the state, indoors or outside. From Erie to Philadelphia, the options for team building are nearly limitless.

6. Ice Sculpting

Have you ever looked at an ice sculpture and wondered how long it took to make it? And where the sculptor found a block of ice that big?

When you host an ice sculpting event for your colleagues, you can find out. Ice sculpting teams can race to complete an assigned sculpture, or you can all work on one sculpture together. It’s perfect for all ages and is a highly engaging activity!

In addition to custom events, TeamBonding also offers ice sculpting as a team building exercise. Like their other offerings, they’ll bring the ice and teach the class at a location of your choosing.

7. Giving Back

What better way to grow a sense of shared responsibility than by spending quality time giving back to your community? You can accomplish your corporate social responsibility goals while boosting morale. And you don’t have to wait until the holiday season to get into the spirit of giving.

Bike building is one such activity. During this event, you and your colleagues will build bikes and donate them to a local charity. Offered by Professional Teambuilding & Leadership Development, you can choose the location and timing of your event, so no matter where you are in PA, you can participate.

Your next corporate retreat doesn’t have to feature trust falls or flow charts. Think outside the box instead, and you can return a sense of fun to your workplace — and maybe even see a new side of your colleagues.

Make sure to show your team you appreciate them outside of these special events, as well. Offering free benefits, such as credit union membership, can help your employees manage their money and feel less stressed every day. For information on how your workplace can become a Select Employee Group (SEG) through PSECU, visit our SEG page.

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