Online Banking with PSECU is About to Get Smarter

Online Banking with PSECU is About to Get Smarter

Have you ever felt like you don’t know where your money is going or wished you could save more? Now, you can log into online banking to gain a better understanding of your finances, making it much easier to manage your money and maximize your savings opportunities. 


We’re launching My Financial Insights – an online banking tool that reviews your account activity to provide you with personalized tips that explain how to streamline your spending, save more money, and better manage your finances. 

You’ll find My Financial Insights at the top of the screen above your account balances when you log into online banking. Within the tool, account activity trends will be generated automatically and important and unusual events will be highlighted or flagged. You can click on the insights within the tool to receive more information regarding specific activity on your account. 

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My Financial Insights will help bring your finances to life. You’ll see trends that’ll give you insight into your long-term financial wellness. In addition, cash flow graphs will illustrate how much money is entering and leaving your account each month. This feature will give you feedback on your spending trends and help you understand when you may be able to benefit from transferring money to your savings account(s). 


While checking your monthly statements will remain an important part of your financial health, My Financial Insights will allow you to keep tabs on any important and unusual transactions quickly and on a more frequent basis. You’ll see when large, preauthorized debits are withdrawn from your account and when transactions appear that don’t align with your typical spending history. You’ll also get notifications to take immediate action if something unexpected occurs, such as a duplicate charge on your credit card. Time-sensitive insights will be marked with an exclamation point to alert you that there’s something you’ll want to read or investigate immediately. 

Be sure to use the ratings feature for a more personalized experience (each insight has a rating section at the bottom). To rate an insight, simply click on the insight and score it from one to five stars. Whenever you see an insight that’s particularly useful to you, give it a high rating. Over time, you’ll see insights that are more in line with your interests, similar to how a movie streaming service learns what you like to watch. 

Be sure to check out this new tool in online banking and pay close attention to your personalized insights to gain a better understanding of your finances and learn how to best manage your money.

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