10 Budget-Friendly Takeout or Delivery Options for Pittsburgh Foodies

Western Pennsylvania’s biggest city has something for everyone. A variety of restaurants around the area offers authentic dishes, comfort food, and regional favorites.

If you’re looking for a quick, affordable meal to bring home tonight, you’re sure to find one. Here’s a look at 10 of the best budget-friendly restaurants in the Steel City.

1. Oishii Bento

Once a popular sushi spot, Oishii Bento recently eliminated sushi from their menu and began refocusing on crafting traditional bento boxes instead.

The most expensive bento box on the menu is only $12.50, an impressive price for the amount of food you receive. Each single-portion bento box features popular Korean side dishes and steamed white rice.

Located in Oakland, Oishii Bento’s full menu is available for takeout and delivery. Besides their ever-popular bento boxes, they also make bento bowls and udon.

2. Noodlehead

Noodlehead’s menu features an array of snacks, noodles, and soups inspired by Thailand’s street markets. You can enjoy their noodle soups for just $6.50, or noodles for $9.50. You can also substitute the meat in any of these options with tofu.

Note that Noodlehead’s affordable menu is cash-only, whether you order for pickup or delivery.

3. Condado Tacos

Condado has two Pittsburgh restaurants, and each serves famous tacos made to meet your cravings. Besides ordering your own creations, the menu features several specialty options for tacos, nachos, and other favorites. Choose from a variety of chips, dips, and entrees to create a fun, budget-friendly meal.

Condado offers express pickup and inexpensive delivery options when you order online.

4. The Pretzel Shop

If you’re looking for the best spot to get a soft pretzel and other handheld favorites on the Southside, The Pretzel Shop is the place to go. Delivery is only available during limited hours, and regulars will tell you to get there early to get the freshest pretzels possible.

Stop in Monday through Saturday for pretzels, breakfast sandwiches, dessert trays, and other items.

5. Slice on Broadway

Order a pizza from any of Slice on Broadway’s locations to experience how Pittsburghers make New York-style pizza. A 12-inch pie starts at just $10, so it’s a delicious meal at an affordable price.

Pair your pizza with one of Junior’s New York cheesecakes, available in plain, raspberry swirl, and chocolate mousse.

Order for takeout and delivery from their Beechview, Carnegie, or East End location.

6. Little Bangkok in the Strip

Little Bangkok in the Strip is the perfect place to pick up authentic Thai cuisine. Their menu features traditional dishes and vegan options, including rice, curry, noodles, and popular specials. If you’d like to order a vegan alternative to an authentic item, you can ask for no eggs or meat.

Little Bangkok also offers dessert options like coconut or mango sticky rice with ice cream, apple rolls, and banana parcels.

You can pick up your own takeout order or choose a third-party delivery service if you’d like to order in.

7. Piada Italian Street Food

Hand-rolled piadas are a street food staple in Italy. Piada Italian Street Food brings these wraps and other foods to two locations in Pittsburgh. Choose from classic piadas, pasta bowls, chopped salads, and side dishes you’d expect to find while exploring Italy’s streets. Every dish is reasonably priced and contains fresh, traditional ingredients, including meats, cheeses, pasta, and herbs.

Add a chocolate chunk or salted caramel cookie to your order for a sweet treat at the end of your meal.

Place your order for takeout or delivery from Piada’s Oakland or Northway location.

8. Uncle Sam’s Submarines

The owner does more than run the business at Uncle Sam’s Subs. In fact, he’s usually the one cooking your food. Pittsburgh may be across the state from the Philly cheesesteak’s birthplace, but Uncle Sam’s sells several incredible variations of this Pennsylvania favorite at low prices.

Stop in for takeout, or order delivery to Downtown Pittsburgh or the East End.

9. Pierogies Plus

Pierogies are one of Pittsburgh’s most beloved dishes. What’s a better way to enjoy these local favorites than ordering them from a shop that prepares their pierogies in the traditional Polish manner?

Pierogies Plus proudly advertises that they make the most authentic pierogies you can find outside Krakow and Warsaw. You can pick up hot or cold pierogies in the store. The in-store menu offers several specialty varieties, as well as other Eastern European items like haluski and potato pancakes.

You can also order dessert pierogies. This shop makes fruity varieties like apple pie, apricot and cream cheese, and sweet cottage cheese varieties.

Do you want pierogies sent directly to your door? Place your order online for prompt delivery.

10. Lulu’s Noodle Shop

Lulu’s Noodles provides great food from several Asian cultures, including Chinese and Japanese dishes. This shop specializes in noodles, dumplings, sushi, seafood, and other favorites.

These reasonably priced options are ideal to bring home to your family after a long day of work or play.

You can order online for takeout or delivery.

Developing Healthy Spending Habits

It’s possible to get delicious meals from the restaurants you love, explore new places, and have fun, even when you’re sticking to a budget. Careful money management doesn’t deprive you of the things you enjoy, and the takeout and delivery options above are an example of that.

For more tips on spending and saving, visit our WalletWorks page.

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