Fun DIY Halloween Costumes for Pets

Fun DIY Halloween Costumes for Pets

Halloween is a great holiday to get creative with fun costumes and decor. But don’t limit your celebration to just family – get your furry friends involved, too. We’ve rounded up a list of fun do-it-yourself Halloween costumes for your pets.


The mummy is a classic Halloween costume. Use gauze to give your pet a mummy-like look. Wrap your pet loosely in gauze, avoiding their face. If your pet is very active, you may want to adhere the gauze to a white pet outfit beforehand and then dress your pet the evening of your trick-or-treat plans. If you want a spooky look, use non-toxic red paint to splatter the gauze. Be sure to use a paint that is safe for animals.


You can turn your pet into a simple bumblebee with minimal supplies. Find a yellow t-shirt that fits your pet. Using black scrap fabric, create and adhere stripes to the yellow shirt. If you’re feeling extra festive, add a headband with antennae, a stinger, or faux wings to complete the look.


Keeping with the insect theme, you can easily transform your pet into a butterfly using simple craft supplies. Find posterboard and cut out wings. Kids can decorate the wings with vibrant colors, sparkles, and tissue paper. Attach the wings to your pet’s harness or existing pet attire. Add some extra pizzaz by attaching glow-in-the-dark bracelets around the edges of the wings. The lights will add some festive flair and help keep your pet safe when walking in the dark.

Surfer & Shark

If you like couples’ costumes, you’ll love dressing up with your pet. Put together a surfer and shark costume by using cardboard to create a surfboard for you and a fin for your pet. Attach the cardboard fin to your pet’s harness or existing clothing to turn them into a shark for the evening. Don your bathing suit as you trick-or-treat around your neighborhood. If you’re staying home, play the Jaws theme in the background when handing out candy.


Pets are often our own superheroes, so why not dress them up as one, too? Using an old pillowcase or sheet, cut a cape into the appropriately sized rectangle for your pet. Using markers or felt, add the logo of your favorite superhero. Attach the superhero cape to your pet’s collar to complete the look.

Having your pet by your side for Halloween can make the holiday festivities more enjoyable. Before the big day, be sure to try out your pet’s costume to make sure they’re comfortable. For more DIY Halloween ideas, check out our WalletWorks blog.

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