A Message from Our President & CEO

A Message from Our President & CEO

It’s an exciting time for us here at PSECU as we finish up the initial rollout of our new online banking site. Together with the recent introduction of our new mobile banking application, this endeavor represents an opportunity to further enhance our digital service offerings. While you may not notice much in the way of additional features and functionality now, redeveloping online and mobile banking on a single, more modern architecture will enable us to develop new features faster than we would have been able to do on our legacy infrastructure.

So, before we talk about what’s coming, let’s talk about where we’ve been. When we began planning for this change several years ago, we had one goal in mind – creating an online banking experience that would give you the best and most efficient way to manage your finances with us. To reach that goal, we combined member feedback with extensive research and development to modernize our offerings and brought our online banking and mobile app onto the same back-end technology.

I’m proud to announce that we’ve now completed migration. Throughout this process, we took a phased approach, slowly converting our members over a multi-month period.  This paced migration allowed us to hear from you, our valued members, throughout the process, gain insight into your questions and concerns, and in some cases, implement changes to address that feedback.  For instance, we reintroduced spending categories, improved the functionality and readability of the bill payer feature, and enhanced the accounts screen, allowing you to easily view loan and certificate information.

Looking ahead, I’m excited about what we’ll be able to offer our members in both online and mobile banking.  Because these are now built on the same infrastructure, we’ll be able to provide a more cohesive experience between the two and integrate updates into both more consistently, more efficiently, and in a more timely fashion.

We’ll begin rolling new features out shortly. The first will be related to transferring money in and out of your account. This will include an enhancement to our External Account Transfer service that will give you the ability to transfer money from your PSECU account to accounts that you own at other financial institutions. Additionally, Zelle® will be added to digital banking at the end of this year. This feature will allow you to send or receive money from people using your PSECU account.

We recognize that many of you had grown accustomed to and comfortable with the previous online and mobile banking offerings, perhaps making this change difficult and uncomfortable. To that point, we thank you for your patience while we moved through the transition. Similarly, we’ve appreciated your feedback in helping us to build the best banking experience for you. Finally, I’d like to mention that if you’re not currently using these digital banking offerings, there’s no better time to start – I’d encourage you to sign up here so that you can take advantage of all we have to offer.

Thank you for being a member!


George W. Rudolph

PSECU President, CEO, & Fellow Member

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