Protect Your Money and Identity

Consumers are losing billions of dollars every year due to increasing instances of identity theft and fraud. While financial institutions like PSECU can oftentimes help you recover your lost funds, it’s better to not become a victim at all. Taking preventative action now can save you time and headaches in the future. From locking down your social media profiles to using PSECU’s account alert service, this video highlights five quick steps you can take to protect your money and identity.

Ready to take the first steps to protect yourself? Sign up for our free account alert service after logging into your account in online banking under “My Profile.” You can access your alerts in our mobile app by selecting “More,” then clicking on the settings icon in the top left corner. Then choose “Alerts” under the “Profile & Alerts” section. To sign up for electronic statements, log into your account in online banking, click on “My Money,” and select “e-Statements.”

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