PSECU Secured Visa® Card

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Credit limits of $200-$2,500

No annual fee

Potential to graduate to an unsecured card in the future

Take Charge of Your Future

We get it – life happens. The ups and downs we all experience may have had a negative impact on your credit history. Or maybe you’re just starting out and need to build a credit history. Having a good credit history is essential when being considered for things like a mortgage, a car loan, or other lending and banking products. Poor or no credit can impact all those aspects of your life and more. Fear not – we're here to help!

Whether you have no credit history and need to build one, or you need to repair your credit, a secured credit card (meaning the card is backed by collateral, which is essentially a deposit you keep in your Regular savings share) offers an easy and affordable way to do so. Required minimum collateral of $200 or 25% of credit limit (whichever is higher), to be held in your Regular savings share.

Current Rates

Valid as of 09/29/2023 12:34 AM EDT 
Description APR*
Secured Visa Card Purchase 12.90%
Secured Visa Card Cash Advance 14.90%

*APR denotes Annual Percentage Rate.

How does a secured card help me to build credit?

When used responsibly – such as paying off your balance in full each month, and ensuring you make payments on time – secured cards can help improve your credit score. Because your credit limit is lower to start off with, you’ll be able to avoid having high balances that you cannot afford to pay off or make the minimum payments towards. Over time, the idea is that you begin to build a solid credit history.

Check out our blog for even more details about how to build credit with a credit card: How to Build Credit with a Credit Card.

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Ready to take charge of your future?

No matter where you are in life, we are here to help you reach your goals and achieve more. Our Secured Visa card offers you the flexibility and freedom of a credit card while empowering you to build credit responsibly.

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To apply for the Secured Visa card, first open a PSECU account.

My credit history is poor – is this card a good option for me?

Yep – our Secured Visa card is a great option for you! With reasonable credit limits and our required collateralization of only $200 or 25% of the total credit limit, whichever is greater, this card can help you rebuild your credit. Be sure to spend only what you can afford and pay off your entire balance each month to ensure you are utilizing the credit available to you responsibly.

With poor or no credit, how will I qualify?

Applicants with poor or no credit history may be approved if they can prove their ability to repay through income verification. If they can’t prove their ability to repay, they can reapply with a co-applicant who must prove their ability to repay.

What does “collateralization” mean?

We know - that word is a mouthful. Collateralization, in this case, is defined as making a deposit as security for repayment of the loan. The amount of the deposit needed could be as low as $200 or 25% of the credit limit, whichever is greater, and must remain in your Regular savings share as long as you have the secured card.

What happens if my savings balance falls below the collateral amount?

When you are a Secured Visa cardholder, we put a hold on the collateral amount in your Regular savings share so you are not able use those funds for as long as the collateral is required.



Applying for our Secured Visa card triggers a “hard” credit inquiry. A hard credit inquiry is usually done when a lender requests to view your credit report as a part of the loan application process. That request is recorded on your credit report as a “hard” inquiry, and it may or may not impact your credit score.

If you have no credit history, other factors such as debt to income ratio, ability to repay, etc. will be factored into approval or denial decision.

No, custodial accounts will not be eligible as the card can only be added on accounts where the primary member is age 18 or older.
Yes, but factors other than credit score will be considered for card approval, such as debt-to-income ratio, ability to repay, and other criteria.
Approval for the Secured Visa card is based on the results of a hard credit inquiry, debt-to-income ratio, ability to repay, and other criteria.
The minimum amount is $200.

Credit Limit/Collateral Chart

If your application is approved and the minimum pledged collateral amount is provided, your credit line will be as follows:
Credit Limit Requested Pledged Collateral Amount Required
$200 - $800 $200
>$800 - $2,500 25% of Credit Limit Requested

Requested loan amounts between $200 - $800 require a collateral amount of $200.
Requested loan amounts of greater than $800 require a collateral amount of 25%.

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To apply for the Secured Visa card, first open a PSECU account.

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