Fun Ideas for Giving Money as a Gift

Fun Ideas for Giving Money as a Gift

Whether the recipient is young or old, an acquaintance or family member, money can make the perfect present. Some would argue that money isn’t a personal gift, but it often depends on its presentation. There are plenty of thoughtful ways to give money as a gift.

Instead of folding a few bills inside a greeting card, try these creative ideas.

Hide the Money as Part of a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts provide an excellent way to celebrate a special occasion. By organizing a scavenger hunt, you give the recipient a fun experience.

You can turn the hunt into a trip down memory lane by including locations that mean something to the two of you. For example, create a scavenger hunt that brings your friend somewhere that’s significant to your friendship. It could be the place where you first met or your childhood elementary school. Follow these tips:

  • Don’t hide cash in a public place – someone might take it: You can put clues in public places, but keep the money on you to hand over at the end.
  • Get other people involved: Having a mutual friend or relative pass out clues adds an exciting twist to the game.
  • Stay with your friend during the scavenger hunt: They may need to ask for help. Also, you’ll get to see their reactions along the way.

Use Unique Packaging

Money is small and compact enough to slip into almost any package. When you give money, think of a fun way to present it that becomes a part of the gift itself. Go beyond the traditional card with a funny slogan about why you’re giving them money. Here are a few fun places where you can hide the money to really surprise your recipient.

  • Inside a box of chocolates: You can replace one of the chocolates with the bills or tape the cash to the interior of the lid.
  • Inside clear balloons: Blow up the balloon and then push the cash inside before knotting it.
  • Inside a matchbox: Tell the recipient you’re giving them “money to burn.”

Turn the Money Into Origami

Cash is the perfect size for some fun origami that’s sure to make your recipient smile. You can try doing the origami yourself using a book or online instructional video, but you may be better off enlisting a friend who has experience with papercraft if you can’t do it yourself. You can find a lot of fun options to try.

  • Animals: Cranes, dogs, or cats
  • Shapes: Hearts, stars, or triangles
  • Whimsical figures: House, hat, or animal

Make a Money-Related Craft

If you love crafting or DIY projects, you’ll enjoy creating a one-of-a-kind way to give your cash. Tailor the craft to the occasion. Find creative ways to sum up a life event you’re celebrating.

  • Graduation: Top a small mason jar with a graduation cap. Put the money in the jar, tying a  small piece of string around each bill to make them look like diplomas.
  • Birthday: Turn the cash into “candles” by rolling up each bill tightly and taping it to the top of a cake made out of cardboard and festive scrapbook paper.
  • Baby shower: Use diaper pins to attach each piece of money to a card.

Put the Money Somewhere Surprising

If you want your gift to be a total surprise, then you may need some help from a waiter or delivery person. Consider these surprising ways to give cash.

  • Pizza box: Tape the cash to the interior lid of the box, and make sure your recipient is the first one to grab a slice.
  • Tissue box: Assemble a long rope of $1 bills, sticking one out of the top of an empty tissue box. When your gift recipient pulls out the $1 bill, they’ll have far more to find.
  • Taped to a serving plate: Call a restaurant in advance, coordinating to bring an extra plate that presents the cash in a novel way.

Open a Savings Account

You can also place your gift in an account instead of handing it to your recipient. Opening a savings share for a child or helping someone who needs assistance opening their own account can be a meaningful gift.

PSECU offers savings shares as well as accounts for kids. We offer tools such as apps and online banking that make it easier for our members to access their money and transaction history. At PSECU, Members Achieve More, exemplified by the many benefits of membership.

For more tips on gift buying and other money-related matters, visit our WalletWorks page.

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