ATMs are great for getting cash and making deposits. PSECU members can access their account through millions of ATMs located within the United States and throughout the world. Thanks to the CO-OP Network®, over 28,000 of those ATMs are surcharge-free to our members. You can find the surcharge-free ATMs using our ATM locator.

If you have to use a non-network ATM and you're charged a fee, no worries. We rebate up to $20/month in surcharge fees, if you have Direct Deposit with us. Without Direct Deposit, we rebate up to $8/month.

How Can I Find A Surcharge-Free ATM?

ATMs that are surcharge-free to our members will have one of the following logos:

Additionally, ATMs found at the following locations are also surcharge-free to our members:

Although not all ATMs are surcharge-free, you can use Visa®'s ATM locator to find additional ATMs located throughout the world.

Ways To Avoid Surcharge Fees

You can avoid surcharge fees, and an additional trip to an ATM, if you request cash back when using your debit card at participating merchants.

Please Note: If you are a PSECU member and are prompted to accept a transaction fee, simply select "YES."